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Invisalign for Teens

Teens are under a lot of social pressure in today’s world. They are overwhelmed with images of perfect bodies in magazines, advertisements and online, not realizing that most of those “perfect bodies” are airbrushed to some degree. Peer pressure and social pressure to look perfect is part of their world and it is difficult to live up to those impossible expectations. While encouraging teens to look perfect is not a goal many parents have, they do want to motivate their teen to take care of their oral health and be the best person they can be.

Many teens may require braces to straighten their teeth and they may refuse to have them because of the way they look. Traditional metal braces have noticeable brackets and wires that are highly visible to others. Teens don’t want to get noticed for their braces, so this becomes a parent’s dilemma. How do take care of your teen and provide them with braces, at the same time as keeping them happy? This is a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. Invisalign is the answer. Invisalign allows you to provide your teen with the orthodontic treatment they need at the same time as making them happy because it doesn’t alter their appearance.

Invisalign is a clear, smooth plastic that is almost undetectable to the naked eye. Your teen can even remove it for special occasions. An added bonus is that they can still eat all of their favorite foods and not alter their lifestyle.

Your teen will soon be happily agreeing to using Invisalign. Now that you have convinced them that Invisalign is best for them, it’s time to find an orthodontist. There are many orthodontists in New York City who are highly qualified to provide Invisalign treatment for your teen. Your goal is to find the one that your teen feels comfortable with. First you will want to do a bit of research and find the orthodontist office that is located closest to your teen’s school. Chances are their follow up visits are going to be scheduled during the school day and you don’t want to have to drive a far distance from work to your teen’s school and then back again. Once you have a list of orthodontist offices located in the desired area, make sure they are licensed in the state of New York. You will also want to inquire about their education and make sure they have attended a credited school and have an additional two to three years of orthodontic education.

Once you have confirmed this information, bring your teen to a consultation at each of the orthodontic offices to see which one is the best fit for your teen. You are looking for signs of a clean office, friendly staff and most of all, a professional and friendly orthodontist. Your teen is going to have follow up visits every six weeks during treatment, so you definitely want to make sure they are happy with the orthodontist.

Invisalign is easy for your teen to use and care for. Customized aligners are created to be used for two weeks at a time. With each new set of aligners your teen’s teeth with gradually straighten and provide the desired look they have dreamed of. Your teen will need to remove the aligners when they eat meals and snacks, in addition to brush their teeth after they eat. The orthodontist will provide an Invisalign cleaning kit that is easy to use and will keep each aligner in top condition. It’s that easy! Make your teen’s appointment with the orthodontist today!