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How Invisalign Treatment Works

You have made a great decision to begin Invisalign treatment. Now you must be wondering, “how does it work?”. Besides Invisalign being convenient, easy and removable, it straightens your teeth comfortably. Even though Invisalign is simple and easy to use, there are a few steps on how the treatment works.

Customized Treatment Plan

Your orthodontist will create a customized plan that is specific to your needs and that will achieve the results that you desire. Your orthodontist will use x-rays, photos and impressions or a digital scan of your teeth and bite to determine the exact treatment necessary. The custom treatment plan will map out the length of time needed as well as how many trays will be necessary to reach your desired results. A 3-D machine is used to create and design each set of trays, allowing your treatment to go smoothly.

  • Custom Aligners

Once your custom aligners have been designed and manufactured, your orthodontist will guide you on how to use them properly. You will want to start with your first set of aligners immediately. They are made out of comfortable, smooth plastic that are easily placed on your teeth. Place your trays on by first aligning them with your front teeth and pushing them down starting on your back molars. When you remove your aligners, first remove them from your back molars and carefully pull the tray away from the rest of your teeth.

  • Switch Aligners Every Two Weeks

You will be required to change your aligners every two weeks with a new set, unless otherwise instructed by your orthodontist. Each set of aligners are carefully created and designed to gradually straighten your teeth. With each new aligner set you are advancing your treatment to the next stage and getting closer to your desired result. Your orthodontist will recommend that you wear your aligners for 22 hours per day. You will be advised to remove your aligners whenever eating meals, snacks and any liquid that is not water. As you continue through your Invisalign treatment you will slowly begin to see your teeth move into the proper position and become straighter. During this process, you will be required to visit your orthodontist office for follow up visits about every six-twelve weeks. This assures that your teeth are moving into place as planned. It’s also a chance for your orthodontist to make sure you are using your Invisalign aligners correctly and you are using proper oral hygiene during your treatment. At times, due to improper use, your orthodontist may see signs of plaque buildup and may recommend that you attend visits at your general dentist more frequently (every 3 months instead of every 6 months).

  • Your Perfect Smile is Revealed

Once your treatment is completed, your beautiful, perfect and healthy smile is revealed. What an easy and convenient process using Invisalign has been!

  • Retainers

Your orthodontist will recommend that you use a retainer on a regular basis to keep your perfect smile maintained. Your orthodontist will give your instructions on the frequency and proper use of the retainer. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wear a metal or wire retainer. Most orthodontic offices offer retainers that have the same technology as Invisalign and nobody will be able to tell you are wearing a retainer.

Now that you know how the Invisalign treatment works, make an appointment with your orthodontist today! If you don’t already have an orthodontist chosen, carefully choose one that is licensed by the state of New York and has attended a licensed dental school, in addition to two to three years of study in the field of orthodontics.