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Cost Breakdown for Invisalign in New York City

Whether you are looking into getting Invisalign for yourself or your teen, you are probably concerned about the price. Since Invisalign is so convenient and is also a great alternative to traditional metal braces, you might think Invisalign is extremely expensive. In reality, Invisalign is quite affordable. In NYC alone the price ranges from $3,000 to upwards of $5,500.

Now that you know the price range, you may wonder how you can afford to pay for Invisalign. Some potential patients may get scared off by the amount, but, don’t run away just yet. There are many options for prospective patients and you are sure to find the best route that suits your needs. While some patients may be able to pay for their treatment in full and directly out of pocket, other patients may need additional payment arrangements.

For those of you who are more budget savvy, it is important to first contact your insurance company. Inquire with your dental insurance provider to see if you have orthodontic coverage. Most insurance companies will not cover the entire expense, but may offer to cover either 50% of the cost or up to a certain dollar amount. This will immediately cut the cost of Invisalign dramatically for you.

Another option is financing. Many orthodontist offices who offer Invisalign are willing to work out a payment plan for your treatment and conveniently offer other financing options. Inquire with your specific orthodontist office for details on down payments, monthly payments and if they accept third party financing like Care Credit. If you are looking towards the financing option for your Invisalign treatment, you should know that usually 20% of the total amount of treatment is due up front. Then the remaining amount is divided into monthly installments (the number of monthly payments is divided into your estimated treatment time).

The breakdown of cost for Invisalign includes appointments, length of treatment, difficulty of the case and number of aligners. The complexity of each individuals orthodontic issues and the length of the treatment will determine how many trays are needed throughout the treatment. The average amount of aligners is 24 sets. A “set” includes both the top and bottom trays. The price for Invisalign does vary slightly from office to office. Inquire with your specific orthodontic office to discuss your individual needs and pricing.

When looking for an orthodontist to provide Invisalign treatment, make sure you choose wisely and carefully. Even though the price may seem slightly increased from other offices, it is worth the price to assure optimal care and excellent results.

Avoid getting trapped into a low priced deal that you saw in an advertisement, discount website or daily deal. In these cases, it is probable that the orthodontist may not be adequately skilled or they might skim on other expenses related to your procedure. Also, beware! Most discount websites that have offers for Invisalign are general dentists… not orthodontists. Meaning they have not been trained in the movement of teeth… Let’s put it this way: Would you have your primary care physician perform plastic surgery on you?

The orthodontist that you choose should be licensed in the state of New York and should have attended a licensed dental school with an additional two to three years of specialty orthodontic education. You will also want to inquire about their references. It is beneficial to see the results of previous patients to be sure the end result is what you are truly looking for. It also allows you to see the quality of work the orthodontist provides to each patient.

This can easily equal out to highly affordable monthly payments, especially if your insurance carrier is offering to pay a portion of the overall treatment cost. As you can see, Invisalign is affordable in NYC and patients are surely able to find a way to make their dreams of a perfect smile come true today!