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How to Choose and Select an Orthodontist in New York City

How to Choose and Select an Orthodontist in NYC


Choosing and selecting the right orthodontist can be a stressful task for patients in NYC. There are many different ways to go about finding your prospective orthodontist… the most common is to be referred by your general dentist. Although it is great to have your new doctor work closely with your dentist, it is important to continue your research until you are 100% confident in your decision on the perfect NYC orthodontist. It is imperative to make sure the orthodontist you decide on is one that you not only like but feel comfortable with. There are plenty of orthodontic offices located throughout New York City, and your goal is to find the doctor that best suits your needs.

  • Location

Take into consideration your everyday life. Do you spend your Monday – Friday in the office? Are you mainly at home? If you are NYC resident, you need to be sure that you begin your search for your new orthodontist within a 10-mile radius from where you spend most of your time! This will allow for you to conveniently attend your orthodontic visits. Once you have narrowed your search, make a list of potential orthodontists that are within your preferred radius.

  • Qualifications

Orthodontists are required to be licensed in the State of New York and have two to three years of specialty training in orthodontics, in addition to first attending an accredited dental school. You can call or visit the orthodontist office to confirm that they meet these requirements. Remove any orthodontist from your list that does not meet these requirements or will not share their education and licensing information.

  • Consultation and Questions

Set up an appointment for a consultation with the remaining potential orthodontic offices on your list. During your visit, observe the cleanliness of the office, the demeanor of the staff as well as the office hours. During your consultation you will want to ask the orthodontist questions such as… How long have you been in practice? What specifically do I need to have done? What are my end results going to be? What options do I have? Will the treatment require frequent visits? What is my estimated treatment time? How much does the total treatment cost? Does the quote include all costs and office visits? What insurance plans do you accept? Do you offer financial plans? Are there additional fees? This will help you get to know the orthodontist better and will help you decide if this is the right decision for you.

  • Choose your Orthodontist

Now that you have had consultations with all of the orthodontic offices on your list, it’s time to make your decision. You will need to review your previous meetings and decide which suits your life best. Now you can contact your favorite orthodontist and set up your appointment today.


If you are having trouble making your decision, take a few more steps. Remove any offices that made you feel rushed or uncomfortable from your list immediately. Decide which of these orthodontists you are willing to happily see on a semi-frequent basis while your treatment is being completed. Some treatments may last a few months and others a few years. This orthodontist is going to be part of your world either way, make sure it is someone you will look forward to visiting. Also think of convenience, are they located close to your home or office? After you ask yourself these last few questions, you are sure to find the perfect fit for you! Now you have all of the tools to make an appointment and get started on your journey to a healthier and more beautiful smile.